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About us:

What is ezeats about and how we work:

Founded in 2019, ezeats is an online restaurant where you can order food to be delivered to your place as a cooked meal or just the ingredients with the recipe. We use fresh ingredients that are imported daily and we promise you the best quality that we can give. We have a kitchen which is located at 139651 Singapore Polytechnic. When an order arrives, our workers immediately start preparing the ingredients by cooking them or pack them, depending on if the customer ordered just the ingredients or a packed meal. After that, our delivery crew will deliver the ordered items as soon as possible to the address given.

Our aims and objectives:

We strive towards healthy eating while providing a wide range of 7 cuisines, as well as healthier choices. Our services is fast and efficient to make it as convenient as possible for our customers. We offer choices of both packed meal and ingredients as we also aim to cater to customers who are both busy and want to just have a quick meal, or those who want to experience cooking themselves. This allows customers to control the amount of ingredients or seasoning they want to use, which makes their meal more flexible.

Why choose us:

1. We provide food with high quality while providing a wide range of cuisines.
2. We do not require a minimum order which most delivery websites do.
3. We use the freshest ingredients which are imported and delivered daily.
4. We provide choices having cooked meals or just the ingredients delivered, which allows control of amount of different ingredients used, meaning that the healthier meal can be cooked.
5. We offer vegan choices and the food we provide are halal certified.

Lucky Draw:

We provide monthly lucky draws for our beloved customers, with prizes up to $1000 to win! Take a look at the packaging when you buy food from us and check if you win the prize!

Here are our lucky winners for the past 3 months:
Month Name Prize Prize worth:
July May Lim Xiao Li Samsung refrigerator $899
June John Tan Ah Lee iPad Pro $511
May Jane Chow Xin Yi Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $699

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Here are some of our dishes:

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